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How to Choose the Best Menstrual Cups

If you think menstrual cups are another name for pads or tampons, then you are wrong. Even though these products are entirely different, they all have the same use of managing menstruation blood and to ensure it is disposed of conveniently and hygienically. Menstrual cups are not as popular as the other menstrual products for various reasons, but the primary reason is that menstrual cups are like one time purchases. Since there need is likely to be once after several years, the companies that produce them spend very little in adverts and promotion campaigns.

Menstrual cups are likely to be bought once after about ten years because they can be sterilized and used again. Unlike the tampons and the menstrual pads, menstrual cups do not absorb blood; instead, they collect blood during menstruation the mensuration period. After blood collection, the individual should remove the menstrual cup carefully, empty the contents and sterilize the product and for future use. Every woman should have at least one menstrual cup even if they have other menstruation products. Here are some tips for picking the right menstrual cup.

The first tip is to select a menstrual cup depending on the average amount of your menstrual flow. A majority of women require the average sized menstrual cups to cater for their needs. What is considered to a standard menstrual flow is any amount of menstrual blood less than eight tablespoons. If you know that your menstrual flow is usually more than that, then you should pick a menstrual cup with a higher capacity.

You should also ensure that you choose high-quality products which are safe to use by checking their FDA mark of quality. Every state has boards which are tasked to check on the quality of consumer products. Since the menstrual cups are not widely known by many people, it can be a common mistake to buy products which are of low quality. To be on the safe side about the quality of the menstrual cup, you should always ensure that it has an FDA mark. For those who willingly buy low-quality menstrual cup because they are cheap, you should be warned of the health risk associated by such products.

To conclude, you should decide on whether to go for the firm of soft menstrual cup Firm menstrual cups pop very easily in the vagina when they are being installed hence fit with ease forming a tight seal around the walls which ensures no leakages. The feeling that something has been fitted inside your vagina is likely to be very uncomfortable all day, and it is common with most firm menstrual cups. You should also prioritize your comfort when dealing with menstrual cups because there are various menstrual cup options which can cater to your needs without compromising your comfort.

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